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Deployment of Lumiun DNS on TP-Link Deco Routers

This settings will cause the TP-Link Deco router to forward DNS requests using the traditional DNS protocol on port 53, also known as DNS53 or Do53. In addition, the configuration will cause the IP address bound to the Local to be updated automatically in Lumiun DNS, using the TP-Link Deco's native Dynamic DNS functionality.

All devices on the local network that user this router as their DNS server will now observe the rules defined in the policy assigned to the site used in the configuration.

This settings is valid for TP-Link Deco routers in "Wi-Fi router" operation mode. If your router is in "Access Point" operation mode, Lumiun DNS configuration must be done on your network gateway.

Access the Deco app on your smatphone.
Click the more menu in the bottom right corner.
On advanced, click DDNS.
Enable the TP-Link DDNS option and create a custom domain with the name you want.

Return to the more menu you accessed earlier.
Under Network connection, click IPv4 connecton and then click DNS Address.
Chance it to Manual
Fill in the Primary DNS with address is the listed next to your Location in the Lumiun DNS panel.
Leave the Secondary DNS blank
Click Done.

Go to the Lumiun DNS panel, menu Location > Deployment > TP-Link.
In the Location, link the the hostname previously created in the Deco app (ending in If your network connection has a fixed public IP, you can link the IP instead of the hostname.

That's it! Now you can view real time log in your Lumiun DNS dashboard and also set Policy rules.

Updated on: 25/03/2023

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