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Getting to know the Lumiun DNS dashboard

Getting to know the LumiunDNS Dashboard

The Lumiun DNS control panel is very easy and practical to use. With a friendly and intuitive interface it is easy for users who do not have much knowledge in networks to make good use of the application.

Through this article you will have the initial knowledge about the functionalities of Lumiun DNS.

Lumiun DNS Policies

When you access the Lumiun DNS dashboard which is available at the first screen you will be presented with is the Lumiun DNS Access Policies. In the Security and Privacy tab you can increase your and your company's privacy and hide and prevent searches for adult or harmful content.

Below Lists is Protected Search, which filters results from search engines.

In the Focus and Productivity tab you can block adult content, bookmakers, access to pirate sites and block specific applications.

In Block List, you can block sites that are not among those pre-disposed in applications or filters.

In Release List, it is possible to release sites from blocked categories. as in the example, where a release was added for a piracy site, even with the category being blocked.

In New Policy it is possible to create an additional policy.

Under settings next to the Policies menu, you can change your Policy settings, such as changing the name, description and creating release rules by time.

Locations in Lumiun DNS

At the top next to Policies we have Locations the Locations is where you will install Lumiun DNS it can be on your edge router, browser, pfSense firewall etc.
To create a location just go to the locations tab and click on new location add a name to the location, select the policy that this location will assume and select the type of location that will be installed.

After the site is created it will be inserted into the list and will contain the information, policy, status, a full installation guide and an option to Edit the Sites.
The relationship between sites and policies works as follows: a site cannot contain more than one policy. However a policy can be present in more than one location.

The Reports in Lumiun DNS

In the tab next to Locations we have Reports.

In Reports under the Statistics tab we will get information such as number of requests allowed (green) and blocked (red) can be filtered by location and by a period of time.

It is possible to observe the 5 most requested sites and the ranking of the applications with the most access attempts.

Real-time logs allow simultaneous monitoring of what is being requested at that location. You can select the location you want to analyse the logs in real time and filter the results by blocked and released.

There, now you know the Lumiun DNS Control Panel and you are ready to use the application in the best possible way.

Updated on: 16/08/2023

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